difference SOOW and SJOOW portable cord

2021-02-24 17:10:07

Do you know the difference between SOOW and SJOOW portable cable? What does the extra "J" in Sjoow mean? 
The letters SOOW indicate special features of the cable:
S for service
OO for oil-resistant insulation and oil-resistant jacket
W for weather and Water Resistant.
The SOOW cord consists of strands with Class flexible copper conductors. Depending on the size of your cable, the number of conductors inside can vary from 2 to 60.
The SJOOW is a type of portable cord, which makes it a very flexible piece of equipment for a variety of applications.
You can learn a lot about the SJOOW cable by breaking down what each letter in the name stands for:
S = Service
J = Junior
OO = insulation that is oil resistant
W = moisture and weather resistant
SJOOW cord is a thermoset cable, which means it has a very durable rubber jacket around the copper wires inside. This jacket is made of CPE (chlorinated polyethylene elastomer) and is resistant to many things - water, oil, sun and heat - which helps make the SJOOW cable suitable for both indoor and outdoor use
SJOOW cables are rated for 300 volts, while SOOW cord is rated for 600 volts. Both types of service cables are abrasion resistant, ozone resistant, sunlight resistant, chemical resistant, oil resistant and approved for water immersion.
Differences between SOOW and SJOOW
The physical difference between the two types of cable is the sheath thickness, so the practical difference is a matter of voltage. The SOOW cable has a thicker jacket, so it can withstand up to 600 volts. The thinner SJOOW can only be used in applications up to 300 volts, which is why it has the 'J' for "Junior Service" in its name.
SJOOW and SOOW cables can both be used for portable tools and equipment, portable appliances and small motors. However, the higher dielectric strength of the SOOW cable means it can be used in a wider range of applications, including construction equipment, cranes, hoists and other industrial machinery.

Because SOOW cord can be used in a wider range of applications, it is typically offered in a wider range of cross-sections and conductor counts than SJOOW cord.

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